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General rules

General rules

Participation age: at least 14 years

Number of participants per game: the assassination and escape! 2-4 people, catch the million 2-5 people

Duration: 60 minutes of pure playing time

Total duration: approx. 90 minutes

Before the game
Please arrive on time. Too late arrival of the group of players results in a shortening of the game time, so that subsequent games can be continued in time.

After the welcome by the game master, all participants receive a short introduction to the game. The rules of the game are explained and confirmed with the signature of the participants.
Jackets and unauthorized items can be safely deposited in the vestibule.
Start and progress of the game
From the moment of entering the room the playing time of 60 minutes starts. During this time, a whole series of tricky puzzle tasks must be solved by your team.
The game master monitors game progress throughout the game, but intervenes only when necessary or at your request.

Leave the room
If somebody wants to leave the room early, just let our Gamemasters know. They will open the door and lead you outside. After 60 minutes the room will be opened, or you manage to escape before this time.

Not allowed is:

  • Photo-/ Video-/ Soundrecordings in the room
  • Vandalism and improper behavior
  • Smoking and drunkenness
  • Babies, toddler and animals. Our rooms are not safe for children and/or animals! With a special agreement applies: Parents/owners are liable for their children and/or animals.

If the rules are violated it lies in the hands of the Gamemaster to abort the game or to suspend individual players.

With your allowance a free souvenir photo will be taken, that can be downloaded from Facebook after it has been published.

Most important rule:

All puzzles can and shall be solved logically,

and NOT with force!


Please treat all items carefully so that everything works for following groups. i.e.

  • do not use force
  • do not damage anything irreparably (tearing, scraping, breaking, scrawling)
  • do not break or manipulate locks
  • do not shift/disassemble/knock over furniture
  • do not use any self brought tools


Items that are marked with a „Keine Spur“ sticker are very sensitive and must not be dismantled. In some cases these items may help you by looking at them.

5 hints for your success:

  1. Communicate! i.e. read hints and texts out loud.
  2. Ask for a hint if you don’t know how to proceed
  3. Store found items centrally
  4. Share the puzzles
  5. Cheating spoils the fun and shortens complete puzzles!
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